Legong Dance

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Local girls gathered and practised Legon dance in a losmen where I stayed. A Swiss Photographer who stayed in a room next door set up a photo session. I was lucky to be invited.
Ubud, Bali by amber_b

The Legong Lasem is probably the most well known and most performed of all the Legong dances. Also called Legong Kraton ("Palace Legong"), the story is taken from the history of East Java in the 12th and 13th century. It tells of the King of Lasem and how he found the maiden Rangkesari lost in the forest. He abducts her and locks her up. The King of Lasem attempts to woo Rangkesari but she refuses his advances because she is already engaged to Prince Panji. Rangkesari's brother, the Prince of Daha, learns of her captivity and threatens to declare war unless she is set free. Rangkesari pleads with the king to set her free so that war may be averted but the king preferred to fight. On his way to battle, he meets a bird of omen that predicts his death. The bird's prediction came true and the king dies in battle. I was a bit hesitant to upload this video because I find the dancers' movements to be somewhat unrefined and a bit too frenetic. Compare this dance with Legong Legod Bawa that I've uploaded. There's a definite difference in the quality of the dances. Regardless, I don't believe there's a somewhat complete version of Legong Lasem on Youtube. I hope you enjoy it :) by: elibris

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