Real fishermen catch sharks

Real fishermen catch sharks, originally uploaded by smuddlepuddle.

while in Nusa Tengara spent a night in a tiny boat with some fisherman off the coast of a small village named lamalera. while its a tinpot little place hundreds of miles from anywhere its quite well known for 1 thing (nope, not saying!) due to the lonely planet perhaps doing too good a job of selling it. I feel i've got things to say about this, good and bad, but still not sure what exactly yet so will save it for a future upload.

so the picture...

Well i think this is a thresher shark. The local method of fishing here seems to be unusual in that the net was just put out in a long line the night before and then at dawn they just pulled it back in without going to the usual trouble of trying to circle any fish! the dude in charge of piling the net up would actually throw the small ensnared fish back into the sea. Then this chap appeared in all his tangled glory and it became clear why... real fishermen catch sharks!

unfortunately it was not a succesfull haul that morning. 1 shark, about half dozen manta rays of varying sizes and some tuna. one of the reasons the morning was so great was we were surrounded by at least a couple of seperate pods of dolphins doing some fishing of their own (and who annoyingly had all somehow managed to dodge the nets). the captain had a couple of goes at spearing some with a hook, bamboo and rope but we soon gave that up and returned to the beach to divide the spoils.

canon 450d + 50mm 1.8
iso 1600

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