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life before birth, originally uploaded by { jh E }.

In stark contrast to the solemnity of Ceto, Candi Sukuh is a decorated place of Hindu worship. The statues have a mischievous look and the stories told on entablatures are mostly sexual in nature.

The temple is half way up the west slope of Mount Lawu and is less refined as a piece of architecture but more graphic and detailed as a sculpture. The rough stacked stone that creates a pyramidal shape is contrasted at the entry with smooth cut stone on either side of an ascending stair. The entire site has an incongruous look as though all of the statues had fallen and a child put them back in place.

As a photograph, this was a challenging shot because of torrential storms. There was a lot of waiting til the clouds gave way for a moment to set up the tripod and get a few exposures. If you have the opportunity to go, it closes at 5 but a small 'token' to the guard will get you access for an hour or so.

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