Marriott Is The Best Hotel Chain In The World

I love to travel. In my experience, I have stayed at many hotel chains. I have experienced the best as well as the worst. I can truthfully say that I think the Marriott chain is is the best hotel in the world. Here is why I think so.

For one thing, there are numerous coupon codes that are available. These can be good for anything ranging from a free breakfast to percents of of your stay. Some coupons will get you a free gift. It all depends on the branch of Marriott that you are booking. So, the deals can be different from region to region.

When I travel, I always make sure that I look for any Marriott coupon codes that I can use. Sometimes I get the right one at the right time and save a lot of money.

I really like to stay at the Marriott because the high quality of their rooms and service is very consistent. I always find the hotel staff to be very professional and accommodating to my needs. If I am not satisfied with a room, they always find me a better one. But that does not happen a lot because their rooms are always impeccably made.

I like their reward program as well. I am a frequent patron, so I can sometimes earn free night stays. There have been vacations where I did not have to pay for rooms because I had enough credit for several free nights that I used. That really helped me in saving money.

I like their complimentary breakfasts as well. The breakfast is more than just pastries. They serve a hot and hearty breakfast with eggs, sausage, ham, muffins, bread, and all the fixings. Some places even let you make a fresh waffle on site. My favorite breakfast is a fresh, hot waffle with whipped cream and strawberries. When that's available, I always make myself one.

I get a lot of benefits from their reward program. I get a great discount rate as well. If I find a coupon that gives me a better deal, they always honor it. I like their consistency and high quality in service. I always recommend the Marriott to my friends whenever they travel because I think this is the best hotel deal in the world. I don't see anything else with a deal as generous.

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